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Why 2023 Will Be Great For Bitcoin

An interesting year is ending and an interesting year is ahead of us. Let’s take a look back, reflect, and perhaps place some bets on the future?

Whether you enjoyed 2022 or not, you should’ve been entertained at least. As Bitcoiners, the political drama in the clown world bothers us little. We just see opportunity everywhere:

Politics is a power play for elites, the best thing to do about it is to opt-out. Oh, the US loses its status as the world’s number one superpower? Oh, China wants to be the leader of the new world? Oh, the shadow government wants to implement measures for total, global surveillance?

These macro trends cannot be predicted accurately and even if you could, there is nothing you can do about it other than to adapt as an individual, i.e. buy bitcoin.

As Bitcoiners, we simply run the numbers (at home) as an antidote for the insanity and uncertainty out there. If we’re not physically bothered, there is little to be worried. And if we’re physically bothered, we can still move. From California to Florida for example. Or straight to El Salvador.

If we put our focus on the positives, the world is getting better in front of our eyes. Governments begin to compete for the capital and tax revenue of law-abiding citizen cryptoanarchists.

Forget about Politics, Focus on Bitcoin

So, what about 2023? Will the world as we know it end? Will the global regime push mask mandates and lockdowns on our societies again? Perhaps a climate emergency? Or a global Bitcoin ban? Will the Dollar empire finally collapse like Rome? Will China become the world’s superpower?

You see, it all comes back to Bitcoin. The clown world is not reliable anymore (never has been) so you need to find new anchor points. If you think the government will fix your problem or that your vote has any influence on the global agenda, you’re on the wrong track my friend.

Opt-out of politics and the fiat world if you haven’t. Stop following and reacting to news. Pull out your capital and attention from a system that can’t be reformed and which can’t survive what’s coming.

Hodlers didn’t sell their Bitcoin and are likely to continue to hodl

The best way to predict the future is to build the future. Every Hodler, is shaping the future as the Hodlers are the revolutionaries of our times. Bitcoin has higher lows because the Hodlers defend the sell pressure. They just won’t sell the hardest asset on earth. That’s the reason why our civilization is on the way to hyperbitcoinization and there is little anyone can do about it.

Bitcoin is not crypto

A very positive aspect of 2022 has been the bust of the crypto bubble. A lot of the crypto filth has been washed out. However, it’s still not clean enough for someone who advocates for sound money and a sane world. There is still too much malinvestment in the leverage casinos and defi ponzi schemes.

Regardless of the scandals this year, Fidelity plans a new NFT marketplace and new shitcoin venture funds have been installed and funded with millions of dollars. The next round of pump and dump will come for sure and it will once again transfer wealth from the outsiders to the insiders.

Ethereum lost appeal in 2022, even for Eth-heads

In 2022 many Ethereum believers were healed. Partially as a result of the great work of BitcoinNews writers, more people realized that Ethereum is just a great deception, proof-of-stake is a disaster and only bitcoin matters.

Beware of CBDC’s, HEX and other Seignorage Scams

Don’t fall for CBDS, Ethereum or other scams. They are all the same, centrally controlled fiat shitcoins. They do not protect your savings but enrich the first receivers of newly minted tokens. CBDCs and shitcoins are seignorage scams and you want to stay away as far as possible.

Lightning Network Adoption will continue in 2023

2022 has been a great year for Lightning Network adoption. The network capacity saw new record highs, new Lightning Wallets were launched, new projects received funding, the network has been tested at large scale events, and lots and lots of innovation has been launched and developed.

Bitcoin Conferences

Adopting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Miami, Bitcoin Amsterdam, Unconfiscatable Las Vegas, Pacific Bitcoin, Bitcoin Innsbruck, Bitcoin Zitadelle, to name just a few, 2022 was a year rich of high quality bitcoin conferences. If you have never attended a bitcoin-only event, you should add it to your list of things to do in 2023.

Bitcoin Privacy and Bitcoin Nodes improving

Everything always gets better and this year, bitcoin privacy received a boost as bitcoin node hardware mynode launched a new model which is 530% faster to download the bitcoin blockchain. Meanwhile, Wasabi Wallet launched its 2.0 release which lowers the cost for CoinJoin while making the software even easier to use.

Cold Storage is strongly advised

With the collapse of large crypto custodians and withdrawal volume stressing the few remaining players, cold storage once again turned out to be the right strategy. Cold storage will continue to be the safest option to secure your bitcoin. Every third party is a security risk. Not your keys, not your coins.

Boring Keeps Winning

Bitcoin will continue to stay volatile but hodlers continue to buy, regardless of the price. Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller And Paul Tudor Jones already know: Boring will keep winning, and that’s why the Bitcoin DCA strategy is working so well.

Thank You!

For us at Bitcoin News, 2022 has been the best year so far. relaunched in February as a bitcoin-only platform. Form now on, this domain shall be dedicated to the cause of Bitcoin with a strict focus on bitcoin education and information.

We thank all our readers, followers and supporters. Most importantly we want to thank everyone who participated in the value-for-value economy and sent a tip or two, via the Lightning Network. Some of our authors received tips worth $10 and more from times, which really stood out and showed us that there is a new future for independent media. Thanks for the Sats!

Further, we want to thank all of this year’s advertising partners of BitcoinNews, namely Wasabi Wallet, 21Bitcoin, MyNode, Seedor,, and

And of course, Bitcoiners are the best and I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the contributors, writers, designers, developers and supporters who have helped bringing Bitcoin News to life this year:

Pavel Filimonov
Jack Sweeney
Rustin Watts
and many more.

If we put our focus on the positives, the world is getting better in front of our eyes. Governments begin to compete for the capital and tax revenue of law-abiding citizen cryptoanarchists.


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