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[US stock market closes]The Reserve Bank’s pace of closing water is in line with expectations. The three major US stock indexes broke the top and the Nasdaq rose 1%-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market

After the Fed discussed interest rates, it implemented this month’s debt reduction as expected. Chairman Powell emphasized that “receiving water” does not mean that interest rates will be raised, mainly because there is still room for improvement in the US job market. After the announcement of interest rates, US stocks expanded, with the three major indexes hitting new highs, and the Nasdaq rose 1%.
Powell reiterated that it is not the time to raise interest rates. U.S. stocks expanded and the three major indexes reached new highs. The Dow closed at 36,157 points, up 104 points or 0.29%; the standard index closed at 4,660 points, up 29 points or 0.65%; the Nasdaq closed at 15,811 points. It rose 161 points or 1.04%. The Russell 2000 index, which tracks the performance of small-cap stocks, rose 1.8% to a new high.

Electric car maker Tesla broke the top again, and its share price rose 3.6% to close at $1213.86. Both Apple and Intel’s stock prices rose about 1%.
The U.S. dollar index turned down 0.2% to 93.9 at the end. The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield rose more than 4 basis points, rising above the 1.591% level. New York gold futures closed down US$25.5, or 1.4%, to US$1763.9, a 3-week low.

Interest rate futures show that there is a 90% chance of raising interest rates in July next year, and it is expected to raise interest rates twice before December.

The US October ISM service industry index rose to a record high of 66.7 from 61.9 in September. During the period, the service industry purchasing manager index (PMI) was 58.7, which was higher than the expected 58.2.

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[Fed]Biden: Will soon announce the survey of candidates for the next chairman of the Federal Reserve: Powell’s chances of re-election have dropped slightly

[Fobitai Vaccine]The U.S. passed over 6% of Fosun’s medical bombs to vaccinate children between 5 and 11 years of age.

[U.S. economic data]U.S. ADP employment growth in October beat expectations by 571,000

Real-time trend:

[03: 00]U.S. oil plunged 4.71%, falling below the 80 mark, the lowest level in the past three weeks; Burundi oil fell more than 4%, hitting a new low of US$81.23 since October 7

[02:10]After the announcement of the results of the interest rate discussion, US stocks expanded. The Dow rose 31 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.7%, and the standard index rose 0.4%.

[01:39]New York December gold futures closed down 1.4%, at US$1,763.90. Investors await the Fed’s November interest rate resolution statement.

[00:53]”Alipay India” Paytm will sell 38.3 million shares to cornerstone investors in the Indian IPO at a price of 2,150 Indian rupees per share, or approximately US$29.02, equivalent to HK$225.

[00:13]”Alipay India” Paytm India IPO cornerstone investors subscribed more than 10 times, there will be more than 70 investors competing for its cornerstone investors.

[23:49]Ford Motor (US: F) stock price rose to the highest level in the past 11 years, up 1.4% to 18.36 US dollars, Ford Motor’s October electric vehicle sales surged 195% year-on-year.

[22:11]The Vietnamese government stated that the Nike (U.S.: NKE) foundry has fully resumed production. Nike rose nearly 2%, returning to the $170 level.

[22:08]GameStop (US: GME) rose 18% to US$244, hitting an intraday high of US$255.69, with a turnover of over US$1 billion. AMC (US: AMC) rose more than 11% to $43.34.

[21:51]The Dow fell 134 points, the index fell 4 points, and the Nasdaq rose 8 points.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow fell 103 points, the Nasdaq rose 11 points, and the index fell 3 points.

[20:51]Futu Holdings (US: FUTU) rose more than 6% after announcing the repurchase of US$300 million in stocks.

[17:57]Dow futures fell 23 points, standard index futures fell 0.05%, and Nasdaq futures rose 0.1%.

[12:50]Dow futures fell 0.1%, standard index futures fell 0.08%, and Nasdaq futures rose 0.1%.

[12:50]The US Exchange Index reported 94.07.

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==The following November 1 (Monday) stock market ==

US stocks broke the top again before discussing interest rates, setting a new record high for the third consecutive trading day, and the Dow closed at 36,000 for the first time. The Dow closed up 138 points to 36,052 points; the standard index rose 16 points to 4630 points; the Nasdaq rose 53 points to 15,649 points. The 10-year bond yield fell about 2 basis points to 1.548%.

See the closing of US stocks:

Microsoft will launch “Metaverse” (Metaverse) virtual space to compete with Facebook (fb), which has recently announced its name change to Meta. Microsoft Mesh users can work, play, study, shop and create with relatives and friends in different physical spaces through video applications, combined with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other technologies. On Tuesday, the stock price rose 1.1% to a new high, and its market value exceeded $2.5 trillion for the first time, continuing to surpass Apple.

Tesla (US: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter that Tesla has not signed a contract with the car rental company Hertz and will not provide discounts. After Tesla fell by more than 4% in the early stage, it quickly attracted buying. The stock price once regained $1,200. After the market softened, it closed at $1171.97, down 3%. Hertz’s stock price fell by 34% before closing up 2.7%.

Facebook (fb; proposed to be renamed Meta) announced that in view of the criticism of facial recognition technology from the public and the regulatory restrictions imposed by regulatory agencies, it has decided to shut down facial recognition technology; it is expected that one-third of daily active users may be affected , About 600 million users choose facial recognition technology to identify people they know in pictures or videos on the platform. Overall, individual facial recognition templates for more than 1 billion people will be deleted.

The Fed held a two-day interest rate meeting on Tuesday. Bloomberg surveyed 49 economists. Most of them expect to reduce their monthly bond purchases by US$120 billion this month, and will reduce their monthly purchases of US$10 billion of national debt and 5 billion. The US dollar is on the basis of the certificate, and the bond purchase plan is expected to end in the middle of next year. Regarding interest rate hikes, most of them estimate that interest rate hikes will begin in early 2023.

Facebook announces that it will no longer use facial recognition technology

[Tesla]Musk said he didn’t sign a contract? Hertz said it has successively received orders for Tesla cars

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Market trend:

[02:47]The Dow rose 161 points or 0.4%; the Nasdaq rose 26 points or 0.2%; the standard index rose 13 points or 0.3%

[02:33]New York December crude oil futures closed down 0.14 US dollars, or 0.17%, to 83.91 US dollars; London Brent January crude oil futures were flat on Tuesday at 84.72 US dollars

[02:17]US Trade Representative Dai Qi: The upcoming EU steel negotiations will focus on overcapacity and carbon emissions

[02:12]Office of the United States Trade Representative: According to the new metal trade agreement, the United States and the European Union will analyze the steel and aluminum products that the European Union exports to the United States each year to exclude products from non-market economies

[01:50]The Dow rose by 143 points or 0.4% to 36057 points. In the early stage, it rose by as much as 174 points to as high as 36088 points; the Nasdaq rose 19 points or 0.1%; the standard index rose 13 points or 0.3%

[01:43]New York December gold futures closed down 0.4%, at US$1789.40

[01:00]Facebook said that for privacy reasons, it will no longer use the face recognition system.

[22:05]Large technology and Internet stocks rose, Apple (US: AAPL) rose 0.6%, and Microsoft (US: MSFT) rose 0.8%.

[21:50]Tesla (US: TSLA) returned to US$1,200, a drop of less than 1%.

[21:31]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 19 points, the Nasdaq fell nearly 0.1%, and the index rose 3 points.

[19:54]Dow futures rose 26 points, and Nasdaq futures fell more than 0.1%.

[17:15]Tesla (US: TSLA) fell 5% before the market and fell below US$1150. US stock futures fell. Dow futures fell 30 points and Nasdaq futures fell nearly 0.2%.

[12:20]Dow futures fell 78 points to 35835 points; standard index futures fell 8 points to 4605 points; Nasdaq futures fell 23 points, or nearly 0.2%.

[09:33][TSLA]Tesla’s Dutch test plan opens up the charging network to other brands of electric vehicles for the first time

[08:49]Musk posted a post on Cao Zhi’s seven-step poem on Twitter: Netizens: Is it related to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coins?

[08:28][Tesla]Tesla breaks $1200

[07:54][Technology Women Stocks God]Tesla rose more than 40% last month, leading Cathie Wood’s ARKK to rise 10% in October

==The following November 1 (Monday) stock market ==

U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen said that he is confident in the economic recovery. The U.S. stock market started strongly in November. The three major indexes all set new highs. The Dow once broke through the 36,000 mark; Tesla (US: TSLA) broke through $1,200 and closed up 8.49% to $1,208.59. .

See the closing of US stocks:

However, the performance of the US data was slightly inferior. The Dow’s gains narrowed and the market closed up 94 points to 35,913 points; the Nasdaq rose 97 points to 15,595 points; the standard index rose 8 points to 4613 points. European stocks closed up 0.71%.

The small-cap index Russell 2000 closed up 2.7%, less than 2 points from its historical high. Morgan Stanley strategist Wilson said that the rise in U.S. stocks is expected to continue until Thanksgiving, but it will not last long. As the Federal Reserve begins to “close water” to reduce debt purchases, corporate earnings growth will further slow down next year, and the basic factors of the stock market will It will get worse.

Investors this week focused on the Fed’s interest rate meeting and the latest non-agricultural employment report. The market generally expects the Fed to announce a gradual reduction in debt purchases. Given that inflation is still high, Goldman Sachs has advanced its expectation of the Reserve Bank’s interest rate hike by one year to July 2022, and expects that when the stimulus reduction ends, core personal consumption expenditure (PCE) inflation will remain at 3% Above, the core consumer price index growth rate is expected to remain above 4%.

The US Dollar Index reported 93.895, down 0.23%; gold prices improved, and New York gold futures closed up 0.7% to 1795.8 U.S. dollars, still subject to 1,800 U.S. dollars.

[International oil prices]Bank of America: Crude oil futures will reach US$120 in a few months

[US economic data]October ISM manufacturing PMI was 60.8 slightly higher than expected

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hot news︰

[One week forward]The results of the Reserve Board’s interest rate discussion were released early on Thursday. Goldman Sachs: interest rate hike may be one year earlier than expected

Market trend:

[02:52]The Dow rose 67 points or 0.2%; the Nasdaq rose 34 points or 0.2%; the index fell less than 1 point

[02:45]New York December crude oil futures closed up 0.48 US dollars, or 0.57%, to 84.05 US dollars; London Brent January crude oil futures closed up 0.99 US dollars, or 1.18%, to 84.71 US dollars

[02:03]New York’s December gold futures closed up 0.7% to $1795.8.

[01:39]Ford Motor (US: F) rose nearly 5% during the intraday session, and its stock price rose to a new high in more than 20 years, at $17.85, with a total market value of more than $70 billion. Previously, the Ford CEO stated that by 2025, it will “absolutely” catch up with Tesla in terms of sales of electric vehicles in the United States.

[01:16]The Fed’s use of reverse repurchase tools on Monday (November 1) was US$1.359 trillion, a drop of US$143 billion from last Friday, the largest one-day drop since October 1.

[01:06]The share price of Game Station (US: GME) rose by over 12%, and is now quoted at US$206.47.

[01:04]Market news refers to Amazon (US: AMZN)’s “Project Kuiper” satellite network, which plans to launch two satellites in the fall of 2022

[01:03]Tesla (US: TSLA) has expanded to 7.1%, and is now at $1,193.49, a record high.

[00:53]The Dow rose less than a hundred points, temporarily up 98 points or 0.3%; the Nasdaq rose to 0.4%; the standard index rose 4 points to 4609 points

[00:29]Some anti-epidemic concept stocks in U.S. stocks rose. Novavax Pharmaceuticals (U.S.: NVAX) expanded to 16%. It previously stated that it had submitted the new crown vaccine to the European Medicines Agency for rolling review and had Canada applied for new crown vaccine authorization.

[21:30]The Dow rose 116 points to 35935 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.2% to 15523 points, and the standard index rose 13 points to 4618 points.

​​[18:00]Dow futures rose 152 points, Nasdaq futures rose 0.4%, and standard index futures rose 18 points. European stocks also performed well, with French stocks rising 1%, British stocks rising 0.6%, and German stocks rising 0.9%.

​​[12:20]Dow futures rose 81 points to 35901 points; standard index futures rose 8 points to 4613 points; Nasdaq futures rose 33 points or 0.2% to 15,884 points.

​​[11:06][International Oil Price]OPEC+ held a meeting this week and rumored that it has no intention to increase production

​​【07:30】[US stock technology stocks]Microsoft once again surpassed Apple to regain the title of the world’s largest listed company by market capitalization

​​【07:30】Tesla (TSLA) share price broke the US$1,100 mark, and shares of Microsoft, Intel, etc. rose well, driving the three major US stock indexes to close to new highs last Friday. The Dow rose 89 points to 35819 points; the standard index rose 8 points to 4605 points; the Nasdaq rose 50 points to 15,498 points.

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