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US Official Highlights: Landmark vs. Delta Variant

At a press conference held at the White House, Walensky said: “We are at another tipping point in the epidemic as cases rise again and hospitals reach full capacity in some areas.” I speak

Walensky noted that the Delta variant of the Kovid-19 virus spread rapidly in regions with low vaccination rates, and this type of virus was seen in about 83 percent of new cases.

“Please take the Delta variant seriously and get vaccinated.” Walensky emphasized that the Kovid-19 vaccines remain the most effective method of protection against the virus.

According to the CDC, which monitors Kovid-19 vaccination statistics, more than 187 million 216 thousand people in the US received the first dose, and more than 162 million 174 thousand people received the second dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine. .

According to Johns Hopkins University, which collects data on Kovid-19 on a daily basis, the number of cases in the country exceeded 34 million 254 thousand, and the number of people who lost their lives due to Kovid-19 exceeded 610 thousand.


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