You can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin.


You can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. A Satoshi (aka β€œSat”) is 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin.

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Indeed. Just pay 400,000 sats to transfer it πŸ˜‚

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Not through any of multiple easy to use Lightning wallets… I’ve sent $.01 between 3 phones, from one with a Phoenix wallet to another with Blue wallet, to a third with Bitcoin Lightning wallet, didn’t even cost me a single Sat, still had the same $.01 as when it started, and took less than 1 minute to complete all three transactions.

Scott Cryptoman

Noobs use a lighting payment.

Kyle Kdb

Konstantin West, how much do u pay to wire 1 cent in fiat ? 😏


lol i only pay 0.00003 btc max in transaction costs (( always ) XDDD

Konstantin West

Kyle Kdb, as I’m in the UK, nada. No bank fees over here for personal accounts.

Kyle Kdb

Konstantin West, Can u wire 1 cent to the U.S with 0 fees?

Konstantin West

Kyle Kdb, I can’t wire 1 cent because it’s less than one unit of British currency :p

Kyle Kdb

Konstantin West, then BTC is more flexible and cheaper to send than ur British currency. End thread/

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