Teeka Tiwari is a more blatant scam than Bitconnect itself.


Teeka Tiwari is a more blatant scam than Bitconnect itself. This guy charges thousands of dollars to hear his five coins that he says will turn $500 into Five MILLION dollars. Once you pay, he drops “knowledge” with his first coin… Chainlink. Are you fucked? Chainlink is still up over 600% from their recent “partnership” announcement with google, holding a marketcap of over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. This coin is the most “pumpy” coin in the ecosystem right now. Everyone knows about it, and most people are smart enough not to get in at this stage. Because: What is their revenue? Close to zero. Is Google in an exclusive agreement with Chainlink? No Is Chainlinks decentralized oracle difficult technology to replicate? Definitely not. Is half a billion an absurd valuation from even an equity standpoint? Oh god, yes. Are utility tokens even worth equity?! NO!! Utility tokens give you NOTHING in the company. You hold their chuck-e-cheese token. A utility token is only as valuable as the tokenomics and the frequency of it’s use. Just because google is using it, it does not add more direct value to the token price than a mom-and-pop using it, if the frequency is the same. For the love of god, do not support Teeka. All he’s doing is trying to make money off the backs of retail at zero risk to him. If he was such a prophet, why would he not just earn his own money from the calls he so confidently knows? Why would he charge a pitiful couple thousand, when he knows that a) each $500 he puts in will earn him $5M and more importantly b) The more people he shares this info with, the more people should in theory buy the coin… this would make the price rise. Not giving away this “info” for free is a blatant tell that he doesn’t believe his own lies. Teeka is preying on the impressionable and the vulnerable, don’t let yourself become one of them.

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Spot on!

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