Should you invest in ETH during this time?


Should you invest in ETH during this time? Cause 200$ per coin seems a bit overpriced to me

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You can buy Blocknet, which is working on an improved Infura solution which is way better and can handle way more requests than Ethereums Infura solution right now.  Marketcap of $10 milion – 6 million coins, $1.3 / Coin.   Launched the first DEX in the world.  Soon has their own Litewallet with their DEX integrated for easy storing and trading from the same place Works on their own Oracle Service, and the list goes on and on.   ETH isn’t a bad buy either, but if you want to chase the big gainers, you need to look for the hidden gems out there. 😉

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JJ McCool, thank you. How about Digibyte, do you have any opinion on it? It seems like a promising coin


batman , Digibyte is a solid project as well. Just not as undervalued as Blocknet is right now, though both teams seems to be on good foot, probably because they launched around the same time ☺️

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