I just bought 1k eth.


I just bought 1k eth. Tried transferring to my other wallet and get this from coinbase. Anyone else have their funds held for 13 days?

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Kripto is a ponzie scheme at it’s finest!

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David Gershman

Les R, keep your trash mouth but yes im a member. Been burnt every time. You’ll figure that out soon enough or your profeting from others.

David Gershman

Les R, yep. Dont beleave anyone who doesn’t post there picture of any other info. Keeps you anonymous doesn’t it in case there’s some heat on you!

David Gershman

Pransis Dyan, True

Daniel Missing

David Gershman, just cause you suck at investing, doesn’t mean it’s a Ponzi scheme. You probably bought high and sold low 🤣

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