I just bought 1k eth.


I just bought 1k eth. Tried transferring to my other wallet and get this from coinbase. Anyone else have their funds held for 13 days?

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Y’all are insane. Anybody that uses Coinbase to buy crypto clearly doesn’t know a thing about crypto. Number one, GDAX is owned by Coinbase. Go to GDAX, load $USD and then TRADE for BTC/Eth. Funds get held up for 13 days because you used your bank account to deposit instead of doing a direct deposit. One has a fee, and one doesn’t – either way, don’t use Coinbase to buy Crypto, use GDAX.

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Ryan Compton

Haha GDAX is for anybody that knows how to operate on an exchange 🤣

Donovan Osetsky

Ryan Compton, isn’t it called coinbase pro now?

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