I beleive pi can go over 100$ . What do you guys think?


I beleive pi can go over 100$ . What do you guys think?

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Pi have not budget, capital, marketing projet…….. It s create by social student. And a lot of person think that it s social experience. Because they have no real good idea

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Ryan Stephen

Fahad Sohail, Facebook was created by social student.

Fahad Sohail

Charlie Gardiner, social student. And it s not with 3 personnes that you can have real answer techniques and commercial. For the moment they are the ones making money with them. Pubs. Lol. View. The. Principle of. Restart pi every day. All this multiply by more than 2 million people. But sorry there is no budget, no real value and commercial response. Other crypto with several million capital offer the same as pi in better as coti, erd ……

Charlie Gardiner

Fahad Sohail, while saying about other people look at the mirror and think who are you? #happymining

Charlie Gardiner

Fahad Sohail, who is jeff bezos? Does he have any degree? And he is the world richest man. I hope you will broaden your thoughts

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