Did anyone see Teeka Tiwari’s life event last week?


Did anyone see Teeka Tiwari’s life event last week? What are your thoughts on it? He predicted bitcoin rising towards 40.000-65.000$ by the end of the year. Is there anyone who has a paid subscription on the Palm Beach Research group and are you happy with it?

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Palm beach is crap

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Paul Smith

How long had you been a member before quitting?

Ritchie Lee

Well, lets see what bitcoin will be over 5 months 😉. I have no idea if its crap, but appearantly, he does have a lot of ‘inside’ info…


Palm beach is just like 99% of groups, buy in and shill. Most of those projects however are usefull. Better get some experienced traders together and set up your own group. Quant trading is even better… Huobi summit was great for networking in that field


Pump Bitch

Kerry Archer

Urke Tadic, true that. In a massive bull market (previous 2-3 years) you allmost can’t be wrong.

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