A potential massive gainer with high risk / high reward.


A potential massive gainer with high risk / high reward. I may get some blowback here, but that’s fine. For context, why do many people dislike Hex? – Richard (founder) keeps 100% of the ETH spent to buy hex – Richard keeps 50% of all “extra” tokens – Richard could remove liquidity from uniswap at anytime and exit scam – Richard could dump all of his tokens at any time The founder is the weak link by a mile. In itself, the system of an interest-earning currency with inflation does not make it a scam in the least. The fact that everyone needs to put so much faith in one guy, makes it very risky though. Hex’s marketcap is currently at 1B, making it one of the top 20 currencies in all of crypto, despite these major flaws. So where am I getting with all this? A new currency Hex2T just launched on uniswap 4 days ago. Since launch, they’ve been in the top-5 for volume every day and are gaining some significant traction. “Meeehhhh just another scam shitcoin” Maybe, but check this out. – 100% of extra tokens got to stakers, 0% to the founder – The dev fund is fully community governed – 80% of ETH used to buy Hex2x in auctions goes to 1) buyback hex2x tokens, and then 2) give those tokens directly to stakers. – All staking rewards are fairly distributed, unlike the oligarchy in hex For what it’s worth, the system is objectively better for stakers and holders. The founder holds no coins, no risk of dumping, staking rewards are better and it’s fully community-driven. Will this go to zero, is this a scam? Maybe, anything can happen in crypto. I’m not saying this is a surefire bet, nor am I endorsing the original Hex project in the least. That said, for perspective, if this gets only 10% of the marketcap of Hex, the ROI from right now will be 400X, which i see that as a VERY real possibility with all of its momentum. I see this as the ethical and community driven version of hex, I anticipate a lot more hex holders are going to switch over for obvious reasons. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. Some people here are looking for high risk / high reward opportunities, and I think this very well may be one of them. I’ll drop a couple links in the comment section. Again, make up your own minds, I just think this one might be a hidden gem for those with a high-risk profile.

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Anyone able to tell me why it keeps failing when I try make the exchange through Metamask?

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Victoria Asmussen

Increase the gas and allowable slippage

Paul Smith

should 1% be enought?

Victoria Asmussen

Paul Smith, add the custom token in metamask

Paul Smith

Do you have the token address?

Victoria Asmussen

You can search it on etherscan pretty easily. I don’t have it offhand right now as I’m on mobile

Paul Smith

Thanks Jeff. Pretty new to this hahah

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