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MEXC Global, the Best Crypto Exchange in Asia: User-driven is the core philosophy that remains constant in the market

SINGAPORE, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MEXC Global was awarded the title of “Best Crypto Exchange in Asia” at the Crypto Expo Dubai held in Dubai on October 21, 2021. From the bear market in 2018, to the rapid rise in 2019, to the expansion into global market in 2020, MEXC has now gained 5% of the global digital asset trading market.

Following is an interview MEXC Global had with Dubairen:

Source: MEXC Global

Source: MEXC Global

Today, let’s get to know our “new” friend, MEXC Global, with Sand, Vice President and Head of Middle East and South America of MEXC, and see how he has been able to overcome the fierce competition in the cryptocurrency trading arena.

Q: Are there any changes in the core of MEXC’s strategy in 2022?

Sand: Since 2020, we have started to lay out the global market and set the global compliance operation strategy. In terms of global market expansion, we have received licenses from five countries, including Estonia, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland. We are one of the most licensed platforms in the world for cryptocurrency trading operations.

Q: Could you briefly introduce MEXC so that we can have a better understanding of it?

Sand: MEXC is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Compared to other exchanges, MEXC pays more attention to the following points:

1. Insisting on users’ needs as the core and growing in a user-driven way. MEXC has a good community culture and insists on listening to users’ feedback to make continuous improvement. At present, many company executives and even our founders pop by the community every day to answer various questions from users;

2. MEXC has agile mobility and the ability to provide one-stop trading services for spot, futures, margin, and ETF trading. MEXC is currently the platform with the most comprehensive spot trading categories with extremely rapid launch of new projects on the entire network. Almost all the leading projects, such as Web3.0 cross-chain leader Polkadot, decentralized trading leader UniSwap, metaverse leader Axie Infinity and hundreds of others, launched first on MEXC.

3. MEXC is a platform that insists on independent research and development that has high security. Our core team has a profound background in mainstream finance. At the same time, MEXC will upgrade key trading systems every six months to improve the efficiency of the trading matching engine, providing guarantee to the security and stability of the trading system, and continuously optimizing the depth of trading.

Q: What are some of the strategies that you have been insisting on since the start? Is this the reason why MEXC has stood out in the exchange arena and gone from a startup to a mainstream global exchange in just a few years?

Sand: First is our core user-oriented philosophy. Second is MEXC’s agility in responding to the market and swift execution, and third, the company’s culture and management. I think all three elements above have helped MEXC gain a spot in the exchange arena and gain recognition from users.

Q: Are there MEXC users in the Middle East as well?

Sand: Absolutely. In fact, MEXC entered the Middle East market last year and is now the top trading platform in the region in terms of trading volume. Since the second half of this year, we have started to focus on the Arabic market.

Q: The cryptocurrency market in 2021 is going to be a thing of the past, what is your personal feeling about it?

Sand: Overall, 2021 was a very fast-growing year for the cryptocurrency market, and the market cap of the whole market has grown rapidly. In the future, I think more and more mainstream institutions will focus on and enter this field.

Q: The metaverse has been a big hit lately, what are your opinions about it?

Sand: I think the metaverse is an area that both Internet companies and the cryptocurrency market must pay attention to. In the metaverse, there will not be only social network companies like Facebook (Meta), but any business in the future can be expanded with the metaverse as a carrier, which will be an upgrade to the Internet. For example, in terms of social experience, we used to be able to text and make video calls on the Internet remotely, but in the metaverse our own virtual characters can communicate face to face in the same space. The shopping experience of e-commerce will also be different, etc.

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Today, let’s get to know our “new” friend, MEXC Global, with Sand, Vice President and Head of Middle East and South America of MEXC, and see how he has been able to overcome the fierce competition in the cryptocurrency trading arena.


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