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LordToken, the Future Crypto Exchange Platform Made in France

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

Warning: Every day, hundreds of projects are born within the crypto ecosystem. Some evolve slowly and discreetly while others, with huge ambitions, attract more attention and can sometimes divide the community, such as the project presented below. Like other media, we have chosen to distribute this promotional article with the information available to us. The following is not investment advice, and it is up to each individual to do their own research and commit only the funds they can afford to lose.

LordToken’s ambition is simple: to make investing accessible to as many people as possible. By becoming one of the rare projects publicly cooperating with Binance Cloud, the future crypto exchange intends to make its place on the French market and hopes to obtain in the coming months the precious PSAN (Service Provider on Digital Assets) delivered by the French regulator.

Presentation of the project

François Denis and Nicolas Lefortier are leading the project. The objective of LordToken is to offer users access to the crypto-asset market thanks to a specialized platform with four primary services. This platform has been designed so that even the neophyte user, often put off by the technical aspect of the existing tools, can take advantage of the numerous possibilities existing on these markets.

Tools available

The LordToken ecosystem is based on the following three services:

  • LordToken Exchange: This service will be based on the technology provided by Binance Cloud and will ensure that users can benefit from a high level of liquidity from launch. This service also includes a mobile application based on this technology but with some features specific to LordToken, with dedicated customer service.
  • LordToken Autotrade: A 24/7 market has both advantages and challenges. Among the latter, volatility is one of the biggest risks investors face. With this in mind, LordToken has developed a “social trading” service for users wishing to follow trading strategies in real-time. Furthermore, the service is based on actual market performance and not on historical performance based on backtesting.
  • LordToken Launchpad: The launchpad aims to become a launchpad for many projects. To support the teams and simplify the launching process as much as possible, LordToken has developed the following tools: promotion and highlighting of this project to the public, an automation module for subscribing to the project for Internet users, a dedicated management space, a reporting space, and a personalized project “onboarding”. The launchpad is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

Measures taken to ensure compliance

The LordToken team has chosen to put transparency and compliance at the heart of its activities. To this end, many partnerships have been undertaken with experts in the field of KYC (see below) and anti-money laundering, such as Synaps and Scorechain. The team is also in discussion with the French regulator to register as a PSAN.

The LTT token

LordToken’s utility token release was conducted through a two-phase ICO that began in the fourth quarter of 2021. LTT’s offering is set at two billion tokens, and 15% of the supply was distributed during this sale. The remainder was allocated as follows: 15% as liquidity; 10% allocated to reserves; 25% to product development and marketing; 18% to partners; 10% to the team and its advisors; 15% to the community.

LTT tokens will allow holders to benefit from numerous advantages, including savings on services rendered by the platform, access to an affiliate program and participation in “airdrops”.

Combining these factors, namely the variety of assets present on the platform, premium customer service, low fees and high liquidity, these may guarantee LordToken a place alongside the most important players in the crypto market. The next two years will be decisive for the project, with the launch of the ecosystem’s applications and the integration of a fiat ramp on the platform.

Trusted partners

The project creators have surrounded themselves with several trusted partners, which include a particularly strong team of legal advisors in IT, data, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), compliance, corporate law and new technology law, the chartered accountant Guillaume Turchi and the reference communication agency in the cryptocurrency sector in France, Markchain. You should also know that the company’s accounts will be certified by the auditor of the company MR Capital.

Results of ICO

After a $800,000 strategic sale, the project launched an ICO in October 2021, the first round of which raised no less than $3 millions. Phase two of the public offering concluded recently with 10 millions for the token sale, for a total of $15.5 millions.

To learn more about the project, see the information document “LTT Initial Token Offering“.

As is always the case, it is up to the investor to get informed about each project before investing in it. This is also what the creators of the project remind us in the document above (page 17) by stating that any investment in an ICO presents risks of partial or total loss of the invested capital.

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