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Let’s Talk About Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing Policies

98% of the exchanges have poor practices such as reduces fee structure for Asian natives while the rest of the world get Overpriced which is the biggest reason to not do business with them. Most of these exchanges have their servers here on American soil but we can’t even participate with them. Crying shame. I collected a bounty on exchange reviews and in the legal construct of business as we know it they are fraudulent looking. We have to weed out the bad actors and to do so we have to stop supporting them. Binance, Stocks.Exchange, for the shit coins and Palitenex have been the least frustrating of the vast many exchanges. Take a look at the exchanges carefully most of them you can’t even get your money back out because of the lack of regulations. Secondly look at the fee structure and see if they are giving better incentives based on nationality. How do they know where your from, because of KYC. Which is a bit dangerous because the exchanges are in countries know for defrauding people soi we give them all of our personal state identifying data not realizing that you just gave your identity away to the international scammers society network. When you do an even deeper dive you can identify the potential illicit practices, such as fluffing the market. Our modern day stocks buying system will not allow you to fluff the price. Put a sell order in high and them you turn around an buy it to shoot the price up. There is a monitoring system looking for these culprits who try to rig the market. Lastly without regulations insider trading will never stop, thank god they stopped adding chat logs in the exchange because the cheating was taking place right ion front of our eyes with the moderators leading the charge, CRYPTOPIA was the worse, still is.


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