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Cryptocurrency exchange Luno breaks the 7 million user mark

Cryptocurrency exchange Luno breaks the 7 million user mark

Cryptocurrency exchange Luno breaks the 7 million user mark

South African cryptocurrency exchange Luno, has added one million new wallets inside seven weeks, taking its customer tally to over 7 million.

The company is leveraging the simplicity of its online and mobile platforms, offering education, bank-grade security and self-regulation to rapidly grow its business.

Luno is also actively working with regulators and banks to safely increase access to cryptocurrencies.  

The company was ranked in the top six cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide in the latest CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark and also received the top tier AA rating. 

South Africa is one of Luno’s strongest markets and appetite for cryptocurrency trades continues to grow.

The company says reaching seven million wallets demonstrates the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe. 

Luno was founded in 2013 by two South Africans, Marcus Swanepoel, a former investment banker, and Timothy Stranex, who previously worked for Google as a software engineer.

Today the company is headquartered in London and has more than 400 employees across offices in South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Singapore. 


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Atani Crypto Platform: Trade Securely on 20+ Different Exchanges

Atani Crypto Platform: Trade Securely on 20+ Different Exchanges


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Atani, previously known as “Etoshi”, is a crypto trading platform that offers an inclusive package to traders, from access to multiple exchanges, simple and user-friendly transactions to a built-in tax auditing report.

The platform is working to make crypto trading simple, and creating a simple and low-cost trading environment. Thanks to that, Atani users can enjoy affordable crypto trading with just one click, and gain access to a wide range of useful tools.

The name “Atani” is Japanese, and means “to you”. It demonstrates the desire of the dev team to enable its users with simple tools, and no need to deal with multiple third-party platforms.

Indeed, Atani gives traders the freedom to do almost everything they want, including crypto investment, portfolio management, and tax reporting, without having to go anywhere else. This may be a new model that is copied, as it creates many advantages for its users.

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Atani was co-founded by Paul Barroso and Haydée Barroso, the two siblings from Spain. Both of them share the same passion for crypto and are experienced traders.

Both of the Barrosos were early adopters of cryptocurrency, and they rapidly realized that the industry needed to have platforms that didn’t force traders to deal with multiple, disparate platforms.

While exchanges have come a long way – dealing with the evolving regulatory environment is complex.

That was why they came up with the idea of a unified platform that was able to provide consolidated services for traders and tackle all challenges in regard to user experience – as well as system operations and integration.

Besides its love for crypto, Atani’s successful launch was possible because of its founders’ solid technical background.

Paul Barroso is an experienced software engineer who used to work in Morgan Stanley. He built a professional-grade trade-matching tool with data intelligence utilization, among other projects for the investment bank.

He also funded other crypto-related projects, such as a proprietary trading site, as well as invested himself in numerous types of digital assets and options contracts.

Meanwhile, Haydée Barroso is a senior financial executive. She has worked as a strategic consultant for several major institutions, including Boston Consulting.

Haydée Barroso was the head of a digital venture hub at Sabadell Bank – which was titled ‘Digital Strategy of Innocells’.

Paul and Haydée launched Atani in 2019, beginning with London, Barcelona, and Madrid.

So far, the two have brought together more than 20 experts from diverse sectors to create unique trading tools for crypto investment and trading.

The team was also able to earn the trust of investors and raise $3.7 million USD in its seed funding round.

Atani’s mission is to provide a medium bridge for crypto users to connect with multiple exchanges and use top-tier tools, without having to employ third-party platforms.

These are some of the most important features of the platform:

Atani has established ties with 20+ world-renowned crypto platforms. At Atani, its users can easily access spot trading on many exchanges, for example, Binance, Coinbase Pro Huobi, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, KuCoin, BitFlyer, Gemini, and others.

In addition to the access at major exchanges, Atani includes other functions on its platform. Trading, market analysis, portfolio management, and tax auditing and reporting, are all easy to handle with the platform.

Currently, there are 40+ cryptocurrencies available for traders to pick from on many exchanges. In the future, Atani promises to expand its ecosystem in order to thoroughly cover the needs of users in every conceivable way.

Atani has no direct rivals at the moment, although this may change as companies scramble to compete with its business model.

Because other companies mostly aim at some particular service or market segment, they will be at a competitive disadvantage. Few platforms offer the kind of all-in-one service Atani delivers to its clients.

Atani is not only able to include a broader range of products but also enhances them to satisfy high-level traders.

As a result, Atani users are able to trade with an astoundingly low fee scheme. Apart from providing totally free trading tools, the affiliate partnership with other prominent exchanges allows Atani to cut down the cost burden for its users.

Atani is sourcing its services all over the world and creating a favorable environment for international traders. Its team is working hard to provide optimized options for each specific country’s adoption.

With this suite of offerings, crypto traders can save time and effort looking for separate platforms, or going back and forth across different channels to complete different tasks.

At present, Atani provides tax reporting service in 30+ countries, along with a tax audit implemented by large auditing firms.

Low trading fees are unlocked once users open an account on a partner exchange through Atani.

At the same time, Atani also pays a lot of attention to system security and usability.

As it was built as a non-custodial cloud-based trading platform, Atani users are guaranteed access to their wallets anytime via their online API keys.

The platform is designed to maintain good functionality with low latency – and is even made to cope with breakdowns on partner websites.

With Atani’s inclusion of numerous services, crypto traders and investors across the world can simplify their activities.

Atani supports several languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic.

Its users don’t have to worry about a language barrier which may prevent them from using the system.

There are a few kinds of crypto traders and investors that can fully leverage the potential of Atani’s platform:

  • Power users, who are experienced in the industry, and already hold multiple accounts over different digital assets. These traders and investors may have created their wallets for altcoin trading, and have the ability to manage balances over $10,000 USD.
  • Derivative traders, who are more into derivatives or DeFi. This group includes futures traders, margin traders, decentralized platform members, non-exchange wallet users.

In the 18 months since its launch, Atani and its team have put great effort into building their vision into reality.

The platform has gained more enthusiasm from both crypto users and investors, as the platform offers so much in terms of functionality.

The project has also picked up a number of awards at the global level.

These include:

  • Top Blockchain Pick at TechCrunch Disrupt, 2019
  • Top 10 Fintech Start-up at South Summit, 2019
  • Top 100 European Start-up by Red Herring, 2020
  • Top 12 Global Start-up at the Mobile World Congress, 2020
  • Top 3 Start-up at the European Blockchain Convention, Barcelona, 2020
  • Top 3 Technology Innovation Project by Neotec-CDTI, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2020
  • Supported by the Entrepreneurship Programme of ENISA, Spanish Ministry of Industry and Trade, 2020
  • Seal of Excellence in Innovation by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2021

Atani has actively built and strengthened its relationship with both its users and the wider crypto ecosystem as a whole. Consequently, a large community has formed and grown quickly, adding to engagement on the platform.

Investors will likely continue to support the company by both directly investing in it, and also using it as a trading platform.

For the latest updates about Atani’s progress and other announcements, join the company on its Telegram, Twitter, or YouTube.

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Crypto exchange risks laid bare by Coinbase float

Crypto exchange risks laid bare by Coinbase float


Mar 2, 2021 – 4.32pm

The failure of internet sleuths, professional cyber security analysts and even government intelligence agencies to unmask pseudonymous bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto is a key risk stalking Coinbase, according to the world’s largest crypto exchange.

As part of its filing for a Nasdaq listing that could value it up to $US100 billion ($239 billion), Coinbase revealed a maiden profit of $US322 million on revenue that more than doubled to $US1.28 billion in 2020.

Coinbase, which revealed a maiden profit of $US322 million, has outlined key risks facing crypto.  Bloomberg

The exchange’s December-quarter marketing expenses as a percentage of sales were just 4 per cent in a result it said was due to word-of-mouth growth as retail traders and professional investors pile into crypto at record-shattering rates.

What cryptocurrency will become the main one in a year?

By comparison, video conferencing platform Zoom, which is also famous for coronavirus-induced growth, reported that marketing expenses totalled 24 per cent of sales for the quarter ending January 31.

Bitcoin’s total market value topped a $US1 trillion valuation again on Tuesday based on a finite supply of 21 million coins and its price adding 5.3 per cent to $US48,924.

Common theories around the crypto founder’s identity include government intelligence agencies, academics, a lone programmer or a nefarious group of internet hackers.

Criminals, malicious actors and internet trolls often use anonymity to protect their identity on the internet, and the confusion around Nakomoto’s identity could still skewer bitcoin mania in a worst-case scenario.

In 2016, British-based Australian computer scientist Craig Wright claimed to be Nakamoto as the main designer in a team that developed bitcoin, but Wright has failed to provide cryptographic or other decisive proof for his claims.

Israeli spy service Mossad, British intelligence agency MI6, software programmer Gavin Andresen and US tech entrepreneur Jed McCaleb have all been regularly touted as potential bitcoin inventors.

It is also speculated Nakamoto drives a Tesla, with mercurial open-source computer coding and peer-to-peer payments expert Elon Musk another candidate. Two companies that Musk founded, Tesla and PayPal, have been the first to throw fiduciary duty to the wind by either directly investing in bitcoin or supporting payment services in it.

How many of the 18.6 million bitcoins already in circulation that Nakamoto’s account owns is still unknown, and prices could crater if the founder decides to dump holdings on market.

As part of the risk warnings in its regulatory filing, Coinbase admits bitcoin’s decentralised status is vulnerable to “disruptions, hacks and splits in the underlying network, also known as forks”.

The potential for hard forks as symptoms of division has already produced multiple separate networks such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. According to Coinbase’s filing, the forks or divisions are both related to the informal governance of bitcoin’s networks led by unknown core developers.

The exchange said informal governance issues could “lead to revisions to the underlying source code or inactions that prevent network scaling”.

Over time, the self-determined participation in important infrastructure revisions could also lead to “new changes or updates that affect their speed, security, usability or value”.

Classic cyber security, theft and financial crime risks also exist. This includes hacking the cryptography used by bitcoin and ethereum as new technology in digital computing, algebraic geometry and quantum computing outsmarts existing cyber security measures.

Crypto-infrastructure is also not immune to traditional information technology bugs, according to Coinbase. “Many crypto networks are in the process of implementing software upgrades and other changes to their protocols, which could introduce bugs, security risks, or adversely affect the respective crypto networks.”

In Australia, rapid progress in fiat money peer-to-peer and real-time electronic payments industries also has potential to match the instant-settlement blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based.

Last week, Australia’s eftpos payments network group revealed it would launch a real-time peer-to-peer payments network able to power the gig economy and allow instant payments for government rebates, restaurants and Uber drivers, among others.

As at December 31, Coinbase had grown its verified users 34.4 per cent in a year to 43 million verified users, with monthly transacting users nearly tripling to 2.8 million.

Its chief executive, Brian Armstrong, said the cryptoeconomy’s growth was just starting and would prove as revolutionary and widely adopted as the internet in delivering a decentralised and trustworthy means to exchange value between counter parties.


Cryptocurrency exchange Luno breaks the 7 million user mark

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