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Crypto News October 27: $ 64,000 is a major breakthrough for Bitcoin with the news Ripple, SHIB, Lumenswap, FantomStarter, FTX, Standard Protocol, GameStop, Terra, MoonRiver

From that point of view, $ 64,000 is an important level Bitcoin investors should watch out for as SHIB continues to set new ATHs. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.

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Bitcoin news

The veteran dealer Tone Vays has mention to an important price level that acts as a breakout line for Bitcoin’s next bull run.

According to Vays, he initially predicted that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will continue to fall towards the $ 54,000 region, but that is unlikely to happen.

The fact that Bitcoin’s 128-day moving average is nearly outperforming its 200-day moving average could indicate a medium to long-term upward move.

Vays said the market would need another day’s close in the bullish momentum to bring the price very close to the $ 64,000 region he calls BTC’s “breakout line”. He believes the $ 66,000 resistance is not strong enough to stop another rally.

Ripple News

With Ripple still consolidating over the past two weeks, Santiment has provided on-chain data showing a significant difference between price action and on-chain activity. This is often seen as a signal of volatility.

📊 $ XRP receives increased attention on social media and our data objectively shows that the number of addresses that are on the #XRPNetwork in the month of October. Historically, these divergences inevitably lead to price increases.

– Santiment (@santimentfeed) October 26, 2021

Activity indicators on the network are often closely correlated with the price of the asset. Given the asset’s rapid growth, traders and investors are more likely to move their funds for a variety of reasons, including selling on exchanges, settling, or redistributing.

The same rule applies to XRP. On the network activity / price chart, we can clearly see the movement between the two indicators. The higher the network activity, the higher the volatility of the trading pair.

Ripple is currently going through a number of events that can have a positive or negative impact on its price. Since the SEC took action against the company, the value of the coin has tripled, a positive sign for both the Ripple community and the crypto community as a whole.

Right now, XRP is trading around $ 1 with accumulation continuing in the $ 1 to $ 1.20 range. Network activity is now average at 52,000 addresses.

The popular Belgian restaurant chain accepts XRP payments.

As announced by MACKATTACK XRP, the famous Belgian restaurant chain Frietshop Wetteren has accepted payments in XRP.

“Frietshop Wetteren has started using XRP as a payment method for meals,” said MACKATTACK XRP.

XRP now accepted by FRIESHOP Wetteren

– MACKATTACK XRP (@MackAttackXRP) October 26, 2021

SHIB news

The second most popular meme cryptocurrency, SHIB, set a new ATH at $ 0.0000594, beating today’s highs of $ 0.0005711 and $ 0.0005364.


SHIB Price Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

This happened without the support of Elon Musk or a listing on Robinhood. Meanwhile, the number of signatures for the petition to include SHIB in the Robinhood app has exceeded 326,000, according to Fortune.

Shiba Inu $ SHIB hits a new record as a petition asking Robinhood to list the coin wins over 300,000 signatures

Source: @FortuneMagazine

– MILKSHAKE (@shibainuart) October 27, 2021

At the moment, SHIB is continuing its upward trend and is currently hovering around $ 0.00005671, number 11 with a market capitalization of $ 22 billion.

Shiba Inu is now bigger than Japanese automaker Nissan ($ 19.9 billion) and South Korean tech company LG Electronics ($ 19.88 billion).


SHIB’s market capitalization exceeds that of Nissan and LG | Source: Companiesmarketcap

Jason Derulo made an early investment in SHIB.

American R&B star Jason Derulo has announced that he owns the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.

The hit creator “Whatcha Say” took note of the recent SHIB rally and added that he entered the market early.

Wow Shiba Inu is on tears. I got into this early for fun.

– Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo) October 26, 2021

News exchange

According to the official announcement, the first round of the Lumenswap lottery has started on the Stellar blockchain.

Round 1 of the lottery is now live. #TeslaModelS

– Lumentausch (@lumentausch) October 22, 2021

To participate in the Lumenswap lottery, users simply deposit their LSP tokens for a specific contract with Stellar. The transaction hash behaves like a lottery ticket.

The Lumenswap development team emphasized that all LSP tokens carried over into the contracts will be destroyed. The number of tickets per participant is unlimited.

A ticket costs 1 LSP and the winner receives a Tesla S-equivalent award, which is paid out in XLM. The winner will be determined on block number 38405816.

News FantomStarter

FantomStarter (FS) has opened the registration for the Public Sale Phase 2 until October 31st.

FantomStarter, a multi-chain investment and rating platform using NFTs and DeFi, opened its whitelist today October 26th and will close on October 31st at 11:00 PM (UTC).

During this period, all users with Fractal approved KYC can apply to participate in the FCFS sales program.

Public sale of Fantomstarter #Phase 2 Registrations are now live! 🔥

At this stage, all users with a KYC approved by @fractalprtcl can register to participate in #First come first serve Sale in two steps

KYC here
Register here

– FantomStarter (@fantomstarter) October 26, 2021

FTX messages

FTX cryptocurrency exchange became to win Advertising space at one of the most watched events in the USA: the championship game of the National Soccer League, which will be played in February 2022.

The Super Bowl is consistently the highest rated television show of the year and one of the highest rated shows in US television history, with around 92 million viewers last year.

Although the content of the ad or how much FTX will pay has not been disclosed, NBC’s expected price for a Super Bowl ad is $ 6.5 million. The price for a 30-second ad at the 2021 event is $ 5.5 million.

Message standard protocol

Standard Protocol (STND) becomes Start up Mainnet DEX on Shiden Network today, October 27th.

Standard Protocol announced that its mainnet DEX will officially go live on the Shiden network at 8:00 p.m. (UTC) today.

With the introduction of the mainnet, Standard will also implement the following modules on the Shiden network, including: liquidity and swap pools, LP farming, bonds and dividends.

GameStop news

GameStop (GME) is looking for a team of blockchain and NFT experts to work on the company’s upcoming NFT platform.

GameStop’s recruiting post on Reddit received more than 10,000 upvotes yesterday, with many members expressing optimism about the move.

GameStop is looking for a candidate with experience with “Ethereum-, NFT- and Blockchain-based gaming platforms” for the position of Head of Web3 Gaming. The company has also indicated that some Metaverse-related plans are in the works.

Web3, billions in sales, NFTs, Ethereum Layer 2. probably nothing. $ GME

– Chris Silvstro (@vestro) October 26, 2021

News Terra

The Chainlink price feed, which is considered to be the most trustworthy solution on the market, is now available in the test network of the giant Terra (LUNA).

Once Terra “docks” with Cosmos IBC (ATOM), Terra will continue to demonstrate its ambition by integrating with Chainlink (LINK) to improve access to high quality price reference data and anti-spoofing on a wide variety of content.

1 / Excited to announce that @chainlink has officially gone live with the integration of premium market data into the Terra test network! #LUNAtics, please welcome DeFi’s most widely used decentralized pricing oracle solution for the Terra ecosystem

– Terra (UST) Powered by LUNA (@terra_money) October 25, 2021

News Moonriver

According to PolkaWarriors, a not-for-profit community for DOT owners, SushiSwap has been deployed on the Moonriver Network along with an upcoming cash flow program.

Ethereum / stablecoin pairs and other vital assets will be whitelisted for farming on Moonriver. Tokens like KSM and KAR will also be added in the near future.

First/ @SushiSwap is already deployed on @MoonriverNW, along with an upcoming liquidity reduction program. The top Ethereum / Stablecoin pairs and other vital assets will be whitelisted for farming on Moonriver. In the near future, #Kusama-native tokens like KSM & KAR are also added.

– PolkaWarriors (@PolkaWarriors_) October 27, 2021

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According to Vays, he initially predicted that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will continue to fall towards the $ 54,000 region, but that is unlikely to happen.


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