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AP News publishes US presidential election results on the blockchain

AP News publishes US presidential election results on the blockchain

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Using blockchain-based technologies provides a secure and unhackable record of the state-by-state results as they come in.

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Ripple XRP CRYPTO News: Global Payments – Uber, Amazon, & The BIG 4

Ripple XRP CRYPTO News: Global Payments – Uber, Amazon, & The BIG 4


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AP News publishes US election results on blockchain

AP News publishes US election results on blockchain

To date, blockchain technology has found its use in small scale elections in the US, but the Associated Press (AP) news agency’s current use of blockchain to publish the US presidential election results, makes this the first time the technology is being used for a much larger election. So far, AP has been publishing the 3 November election results, as they come in from each state, onto the Ethereum and EOS blockchains. The agency’s developer webpage states that “the Associated Press is using Everipedia’s OraQle software” to publish the 2020 U.S. election race calls. It further mentions: 

As a developer, you can use the smart contracts on either Ethereum or

Although the AP news site also publishes developing election calls, voting results will be posted on Everipedia which provides an immutable record of the results, coming from each state. 

In addition to this, AP’s developer page even mentioned the Ethereum smart contract address which allows its readers to use the Etherscan block explorer to follow incoming voting data. Furthermore, AP’s EOS account on, which is mentioned on the page, is another alternative to access the voting results. 

In terms of using blockchain technology for elections, Voatz, Votem and Agora Vote have been working on solutions to provide proof of voters’ identity, remotely, given the pandemic’s social distancing norms. In fact, the Arizona Republicans used Voatz for their state convention in May this year, following which the South Dakota Republican State Convention and Michigan’s Democratic State Convention both used Voatz in June and August. 


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Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Faces the Higher Side; Price May Head For $420

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Faces the Higher Side; Price May Head For $420

ETH Price Prediction – November 4

The Ethereum steady bullish action is breaking above the $400 barrier; although, eyes currently glued on $410.

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $440, $450, $460

Support levels: $345, $335, $325

ETH/USD is seen refreshing to a new high after touching the daily low of $376 to breaches above $405 while currently trades at $401 with a bullish crossover and trend in the intraday. At the time of writing, ETH/USD has adjusted to $409. Higher support at $400 is expected to be a stepping stone for a comeback past $420 and the majestic rally eyeing $430 resistance level.

For Ethereum, parallel trade can only take over if the $400 subsidy is maintained at all costs. Currently, the technical indicator RSI (14) is about to cross above the 60-level at the moment by sending the bullish signals which can finally encourage more buyers to enter the market.

Meanwhile, in as much as the red-line of 9-day MA moves above the green-line of 21-day MA, the coin may continue to do well and the price could hit the resistance levels at $440, $450, and $460 respectively. More so, if the technical indicator decides to make a quick turn back to the lower side, then, there may be a quick bearish drop which may likely roll the market down to the support levels of $345, $335, and $325.

Against BTC, Ethereum is trading towards the 9-day moving average and the price is now hovering at 0.028 SAT as the technical indicator RSI (14) escapes from the oversold region. For the fact that the bears remain the dominant of the market, the pair seems to be moving towards both 9-day and 21-day.

Moreover, the resistance levels to be reached are 3000 SAT and 3200 SAT. In other words, a higher sustainable move may likely cancel the bullish pattern and this could attract new buyers coming into the market with the next focus on 3000 SAT and 3200 SAT support levels.


Author: By TeamMMG

Market Analysis Report (04 Nov 2020)

Market Analysis Report (04 Nov 2020)

Another leg up took Bitcoin to a fresh yearly high of over $14,500. Most alternative coins were left behind, and BTC’s dominance over the market has further expanded to nearly 65%.

It’s safe to say that the primary cryptocurrency has enjoyed the past several weeks. Bitcoin marked consecutive yearly highs in October and finally broke above the 2019 high last Saturday. At the time, BTC registered a fresh 1,000-day high of $14,100.

The digital asset struggled with maintaining its price tag above it in the following days, until yesterday. It’s still unclear if the US elections directly impacted the price, but Bitcoin jumped back to above $14,000.

Nevertheless, another rejection followed, and BTC met its intraday low of $13,550. Although the situation seemed unfavorable, Bitcoin tends to prove people wrong, and that’s precisely what transpired just hours ago.

For the third time in less than a week, BTC spiked above $14,000. However, this time it didn’t fall immediately. Instead, it kept on rising and painted another YTD high above $14,500 (on Binance). This is now the new highest price tag BTC has seen since January 2018.

Most alternative coins have failed in pursuing their leader. Ethereum is among the few exceptions. ETH has pumped back above $400 after a 5.1% increase. The positive price development could be largely attributed to the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract’s launch, announced by Vitalik Buterin yesterday.

Binance Coin (4.3%) and Litecoin (4.8%) have also gained value against the dollar. A lot of the remaining cryptocurrencies have also charted slight increases, though not as significant as that of BTC.

Consequently, the metric measuring Bitcoin’s relative share of the total market cap, namely the BTC dominance, has continued its gradual increase and now sits at above 64.8%. It’s worth noting that less than a month ago, it was down to 58.2%. This 6.6% surge in three weeks has taken the BTC dominance to its highest level since June 2020.

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Cryptocurrency charts by TradingView.


Author: Published 1 day ago on November 4, 2020

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AP News publishes US presidential election results on the blockchain

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