What is the safest offshore country and crypro bank to long-term start an offshore crypto bank account tied to my offshore Binance account? Maybe an offshore LLC to prove geolocation for Binance requirements? I’m not looking to commit tax evasion but I am interested in the legal loopholes to keep the government’s hands off my money annually until I do long term convert my offshore investments back to $USD at retirement. Kind of like a Roth. I know there are Roth like crypto IRAs here in the United States but they require the account be intitally funded solely with US dollars investment. I want to be able to fund my account with offshore crypto investments. Anyone doing this successfully please share. No scammers. Im pretty smart and will see through your bullshit immediately. I don’t want to hear opinions. I want to hear from investors who are actually successfully doing this. I am on facebook messenger, whatsapp and katalk. If your success story works for me i could offer a small reward. Again no spammers or scanners. I have an awesome crypto investment that it’s paying off very well for me and I need to figure this out before I invest big money.

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