I am selling Bitcoin ATMs and assisting customers with starting their own BTC ATM businesses. Including hardware, software, compliance, and crash course in the business. This is important for BTC (and crypto as a whole) to have an easy fiat-bitcoin on-ramp. We need BTMs next to every ATM in the world. If you are serious about getting involved in a high cash flow/BTC flow business, hit me up. I have all the answers you need to operate a BTC ATM Fleet. Little about me: I was one of first people in this group. I am a founder of the Nexus Cryptocurrency. I have been involved in numerous projects in crypto since 2013. Given hundreds of individual in person crypto educational courses for free. You can also reach me @smileygnome on Twitter. I do make money off these machines. We make more money operating our own machines then we do selling them. This is a post in hopes to strengthen the foundation of BTC economy. I just want to see crypto thrive. Shoot me a message if you are interested.

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