Hi guys and girls. You need to read full story how I just got scammed in crypto. Don’t get me wrong I am not against crypt. I think crypto are the future and I love them. But you need to know what just happened to me so you don’t loose your savings. Yesterday I got scammed by owner of few the biggest groups on telegram app about crypto which all combined have about 2 mln of followers. I’m talking about groups which are named: Tora Whale trading Tora Woloshin Crypto Vip algo pumps & news Bitcoin algo pumps They are all managed by the same scammer who is even such a coward that he is hiding in his profile behind picture of a girl, The way the scam works: First you become member of one of the free above groups and after that you can become paid member. When you become paid member you can become a part of how he calls it : algo pumps. Minimum investment is 0.05 btc. You send that to his ‘’investment crypto trading firm from london’’(is anybody of you guys from London?) and after every process you get your money back plus percentage. Sounded simple and unbelievable, but I decided to try it with minimum investment 0.05 and few times it worked as it was promised and 3 times I gotted my money back plus percentage. Then I decided to send bit more and that was mistake. After that I didn’t get my money back. Binance doesn’t care. There is even no option to talk to real person Just to bots. So Just want you to know if something happes to your account on binance you won’t even be able report it quickly and they won’t care anyway. Such a big exchange should have some sort of insurance for cases like that or there should be a way to get your funds back if you get scammed. I hope paypal will have such option because they are planning to implement crypto. Below is a link to this scammer profile on telegram: t.me/ToraWoloshin (user name: @ToraWoloshin Go ahead and send him message that you have read how he is scamming people. The uglier the message the better 😉 We just need to let him know that crypto community knows about his scam now. If you don’t use telegram just install it for a moment and message him. I hope this will save someone from loosing their money. Because this just happened to me. Maybe you are a member of one of those groups and considering investing in it. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT I have created a special group on facebook connected to this scam. I will try to rank it on google. If you have been scammed or you know someone who got scammed by this coward please join that group. Even if you didn’t join it maybe together we will find a way to take revenge on this ashole. I need to change url of that page and I need like 50 likes to do that please like this page: https://www.facebook.com/Tora-Whale-Trading-Tora-Woloshin-Crypto-Algo-pumps-Telegram-Scam-102324818208457/

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