Here are my opinions on the situation in 2020 and the next few years. This is personal opinion and nothing else, but for those interested, I will go into some detail. Firstly, on COVID19, for those that follow my Facebook account, I knew this would be a pandemic early this year. I am quite pessimistic about the situation and believe it will take years to eradicate the disease, the best case. There are some promising vaccine trial results on monkeys, but even if those work for humans it will take years to get billions vaccinated and global herd immunity. The stock markets, obviously the Fed is throwing everything at it to prop it all up, so the results are counter to the reality of the companies losing tons of money and taking on debt. I think this will work for a time and then the boomers will panic sell and the real drop will happen. This should be the worst situation globally since the great depression, even if we get a solid vaccine early next year. As they are printing money like crazy, and all countries are doing the same. I don’t think this will lead to hyperinflation as it is happening all around the globe at once. In theory, this should be positive for Bitcoin and Gold as the risk is rising. It could also be argued people will panic into cash or we will move into deflation as people stop buying, but I am betting the demand for Gold and Bitcoin, (then Alts), will go up quite a bit. The Bitcoin halving, it certainly could not come at a more interesting time. It is likely the stock market starts selling when people realize opening up the economy at 25% capacity with everyone wearing masks is less efficient than not running the service economy at all. I expect inflection and death rates to rise, and this negative news should drop the equities. If Bitcoin drops with it or runs counter to it during the halving, we will have to see. What am I doing? Nothing differently, other than focusing all my efforts at increasing my personal health and avoiding contact with other people. I am staying free of debt, I am holding Bitcoin, Ethereum and the dozen Alts I held for years as I am certainly not selling them now. I do expect a very negative situation with the economy as a whole, precious metals and crypto might rally during this time, or not. I do think this is possible to be the ultimate situation for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, but as we have talked about over the years, if it happens big time, that means the world as a whole is screwed. So it isn’t going to be much fun. Yet, In the long run, I think we will eradicate the disease, we will advance medical technology, and we will adapt to doing business, education, and working online. It is hard to see it now, but this global challenge could change the world for the better. Good luck, and stay safe.

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