Congrats to everyone holding Axion (Hex2T)!! The people who got in on June 3rd when I first called it are now up 100X 🔥 Is it too late to get in? Not a chance. Hex is currently at a 1.1 BILLION dollar marketcap, and Axion is only 20 Million marketcap, leaving another 55X or more to go. People were already saying “I missed this” when Axion did a 3X…. This train is just getting started. Mainnet isn’t even here yet. To oversimplify, Axion is a massively improved fork of Hex. Hex has 1001 reasons why people call it a scam, Axion fixes all of these and then some more. People are starting to notice this. In the last 7 days, Hex has gone down 30%, and Axion has gone up 80%. The next “pump wave” for Axion is now here, and the flippening is coming. Check the comments for the link on uniswap to purchase Hex2t, Axions current ticker before mainnet in a month or so. For more info, which I highly suggest you check out, see the website link in the comments as well. **What’s the TLDR? ** Axion is a currency that provides the most profitable (and sustainable) staking rewards that I have ever seen in crypto. They have implemented a system where they will be doing potentially millions of dollars DAILY in token buybacks, which is legitimately going to continuously push the price up. It’s a decentralized ecosystem, where the community votes on governance. It’s a currency where your purchasing power increases by simply being a part of the system, unlike FIAT, where a savings account won’t even keep pace with inflation. With the mass exit from Hex coming this november from “Big Pay Day”, I legitimately see Axion flipping Hex within the next four months. Buy on uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/?fbclid=IwAR1khyJT_6TN6aX0UbcCmzKUy9wMTD-ko6a3JLUFLPkx4vjk0RCvaPad1hw#/swap?outputCurrency=0xed1199093b1abd07a368dd1c0cdc77d8517ba2a0 Website: https://axion.network/

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