Ripple XRP to KILL Ethereum (SOON!?) | XRP DEFI UPDATE!

Ripple XRP to KILL Ethereum (SOON!?) | XRP DEFI UPDATE!

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In this video I explain how Ripple XRP is poised to over take Eth in market cap


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Ethereum long-term Price Analysis: 28 August

Ethereum long-term Price Analysis: 28 August

Disclaimer: The following article attempts to analyze the emerging patterns in the long-term Ethereum market and its impact on the price 

Etheruem has gotten off its rallying horse, with the cryptocurrency noting a significant dip in value over the past week. There have also been issues related to the gas price due to congestion on the Ethereum network. However, Tether [USDT] has taken the first step towards integrating with the OMG network, in order to ease gas prices. However, despite such prevalent scalability problems, the impact on Ether’s price has been fairly minimal.

At the time of writing, Ethereum had tested its immediate support at $380.24, before bouncing back to hold steady at a value of $387.

As per the attached chart, the world’s largest altcoin’s price has been gradually dropping, along with the descending channel pattern. Further, the 50 moving average was pointing to the formation of bearish pressure in the ETH market as it slid above the price bars. The Visible Range has been helpful in identifying the dominant and significant price levels based on volume.

In the given period, the Point of Control for Ethereum was at $395.02, while its press time value was under this level. On the contrary, price points $391 and $397 have been highly traded levels, marking immediate support and resistance for the price of the digital asset. The value of ETH was oscillating at this level, having tested the PoC twice.

The Bollinger Bands have also been pointing towards a trend reversal for Ethereum. The Bands had converged, indicating that the market was experiencing low volatility. Further, the Signal line confirmed the trend reversal as it moved under the candlesticks. This might suggest that the price may breach $395, and will have to deal with the resistance marked at $399.

Finally, the Relative Strength Index bounced back from the oversold territory and was spiking higher on the charts. This showed the growth of buying pressure in the market, despite the fact that the buyers and sellers were evening each other out, at press time.


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London Destroyed

London Destroyed

The buzzing city of London has been turned into Chinese rubble, with terror raining these streets even in neighborhood alleys.

Masks cover bus seats like walking propaganda vampires, tremble ye who live for death doth exist.

The pretty young fertile girls or men that bring life are stormed in gestapo London pubs.

Fun is now a sin, for death must be in every mind that walks this once great city.

The destruction of a culture is unfolding in our time and by their hands, not our. The pleasurable drink is now a pub torture.

Like nazis in uniform, one is instantly met with the demand of WHERE IS YOUR TABLE?

What cryptocurrency will become the main one in a year?

Empty the walking space. The once admirable church of youth and life itself. Now an inquisition has to be passed through before having a fucking pint.

This tyranny in our shores appears to have become total. Like a slow boiling frog you now must QR scan your phone to talk to a centralized gestapo system, and that not being sufficient, you must provide name and address.

Then you must sit down. The pub is of course not for meeting strangers, more a hell place now where you get to be reminded of death.

The government in Germany declared the protests against the pandemic measures are illegal because of the pandemic measures.

In America, they’ve unveiled a guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ house. In Britain, the cold wind and rain in this August night must be affording many the pleasure of thinking, a product undoubtedly of the abrupt stopping of carbon.

Our government lied and admitted so. Nursing homes are usually blamed for the absolute curtailment of freedoms in all of London and in all of Europe.

That by that submission China enslaved Hong Kong and now arrests even law makers, appears to enter not any consideration in our donkey halls.

Wheep Britain, for you can’t even rule yourself let alone the waves. Wheep you men born in this island for tyranny knocks on these shores, from Devon to snowy scotland.

Wheep you men of pen for thy enslavement here marches. The liberties of five centuries, masked now in Chinese.

Gestapos are in our homes, gestapos are in our streets, and they take our shape and our form and in our tongue they demand we kneel to tyrany.

My Britain. My ravaged shores. My destroyed people. My mother enchained once more.

Can I move the mountains
to heart’s desire
amid the barriers
of iron.

Can I straight up shape
in a second likh
see all that is
and how in my command.

Can I look at all
with eagle roar
and please my pleasure
as I want.

Does muh heart beat such
sufficient likh
to shake all rivers
to mountains rise.

Can I see the barriers and their out
by just a thought of the mind
the universe so analyse
and with steal of heart das demands.

Is that the level of your want
or is it weaker, softer one
does all your brain in a call
or just a bit, maybe one.

Ra ra ra ra re re ra re,
rarara for liberty
ra ra ra dunwanuni danunana,
chose you man your desire.


Author: Rob Hill

A new Polkadot to Ethereum bridge could enable cross-chain DeFi composability

A new Polkadot to Ethereum bridge could enable cross-chain DeFi composability

A new project building on Polkadot wants to create a comprehensive bridge with Ethereum that would eventually relay direct smart contract instructions.

The bridge is being developed by Snowfork, a software development company. The initial implementation is fairly straightforward, only allowing Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens to be transferred over to Polkadot. The bridge is also fully symmetric, as Aidan Musnitzky, Snowfork’s founder, told Cointelegraph. “Anything you can do in one direction, you can do it in the other,” he said.

But while moving tokens around is an important part of it, the vision for the bridge is to be as generalized as possible, including sharing small pieces of state from one chain to another. Put simply, the bridge will let Ethereum smart contracts send instructions and information to Polkadot, and the same in reverse.

Musnitzky explained that this will be implemented through a series of blockchain applications that abstract the communication protocol used in the bridge. He compared it with the traditional networking stack of TCP/IP and the application layer of HTTP, which greatly simplifies development of web infrastructure.

Such a bridge would open new possibilities for developers on both Ethereum and Polkadot. The initial focus is on populating the Polkadot blockchain, Musnitzky said:

“I think our primary set of customers and users is focused on existing Polkadot projects that want to bridge to Ethereum to allow Ethereum-based assets to work within their network.”

But Ethereum DApps may benefit from the bridge as well. “If you have a two-way fully trustless system, then it becomes quite easy to move both state and logic from one chain to the other,” Musnitzky explained. The bridge could thus make Polkadot an additional layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum DApps.

The generalized architecture would also allow for easy cross-chain composability for DeFi projects, Musnitzky added:

“If, for example, we wanted to integrate Uniswap with a Polkadot-based chain module, we have a way to do that rather than just focusing on asset transfer.”

But these implementations are still in the future. Musnitzky said that the initial launch as a proof-of-concept is set to occur by the end of September. But the bridge will not yet be trustless, as the team needs to develop on-chain light clients that would validate transactions from the other side of the bridge. The complete process is estimated to take about six to seven months, first by building an Ethereum verifier on Polkadot and then a light client for Polkadot on Ethereum.

The development process is somewhat limited by Polkadot’s integrations through. Until cross-shard messaging is fully implemented the bridge will need to exist as a set of applications on each shard, instead of its own parachain.


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Ripple XRP to KILL Ethereum (SOON!?) | XRP DEFI UPDATE!

Ethereum newsEOS, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP – Daily Tech Analysis – August 28th, 2020
Ethereum newsCatch Up on the God of War Series With The Latest Title Being Only $14 – Ranzware Tech NEWS
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