Press Release: Consulting24 Team Launches Top 3 Best Crypto Exchanges Comparison Domain – BuyBitcoin24

Press Release: Consulting24 Team Launches Top 3 Best Crypto Exchanges Comparison Domain – BuyBitcoin24

Consulting24 team is happy to announce the domain to compare the best 3 crypto exchanges to buy Bitcoin.

Consulting24 team has analyzed and selected the best 3 top exchanges to buy Bitcoin,  to make it easy for you. BuyBitcoin24  helps visitors to compare trusted exchange fees, supported currencies, supported countries, trading volumes, and supported payment methods. 

The company, headquartered in Estonia, is highly reputable among the businesses related to cryptocurrency. It is a consulting firm that helps businesses register their own blockchain-related company in Estonia. It even provides assistance in acquiring crypto licenses. In 2019, the company helped obtain over 200 licenses for its clients and even accomplished more than 100 registrations successfully. 

If you are looking to buy bitcoin and other crypto-related companies that are already established, Consulting24 could help you do that too. With experience in helping clients from around the world to flourish their crypto business in Estonia, the firm has gathered immense knowledge of the field. The country’s ecosystem and the economic trend is also a plus for those who are willing to enter the Estonia corporation. 

Here, the government is well aware of the benefits of digital currencies and the perks associated with the same. Hence, the cost of establishing businesses related to the same is considerably less when compared to other nations. That is why, Consulting24 aims at bringing the best opportunities for its clients, considering the different benefits the favorable law imposes on businesses. 

So, here is another addition to its list of offerings, the BuyBitcoin24 domain. Find out what is the website all about and how can it help you with your crypto needs. 

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a great way for multiplying investments. Either you want to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoins, or for that matter, any other digital coin, it is important to find out the best exchanges. These exchanges help individuals through the various transactions accompanying digital coins. And, there are many options available online. Today there is over 1000 different crypto exchange to buy crypto. Lots of those providers are not trusted or charging you unfair exchange fees. 

However, not each of them is the same. Hence, it is worth taking some extra time and comparing the various exchanges to find out the best possible rates and offers. If you can find out the 3 best exchanges in a click of a mouse, why would you rather pick randomly? So, here is what BuyBitcoin24 has got for you. 

Compare the various exchanges for rates and other parameters and decide which one fits your need the best. 

This new domain, launched by Consulting24 has been created for benefiting users who are willing to research a bit more for finding the best exchange alternative. The easy to use interface is very helpful in providing clients with the best browsing experience. Plus, it allows for an intensive comparison of various exchanges. 

If you are willing to buy bitcoin and other digital coins at the most attractive rate, while ensuring that you rely on a trustworthy option, you cannot ignore BuyBitcoin24. The comparison website uses the most progressive algorithm to process the fastest and most quick results.  

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.


Is Bitcoin Having a Sell Side Liquidity Crisis?

Is Bitcoin Having a Sell Side Liquidity Crisis?

Bitcoin has been rising in its own yoyo way, eying that $10,000 for now months but still not quite taking it.

If we look at a longer time frame however, the currency’s maintenance of this level and its apparent inclination to go even higher has surprised many and has even angered some bankers.

There are many reasons and explanations for its rise. It being outside of the banking system for example while being easily transportable, is a pretty good reason for it to be valuable, but in this article we’ll look at what somewhat jokingly we are calling a sell side liquidity crises.

What is a sell side liquidity crisis? 0.1 btc on an old phone with a dead battery, might be one answer.

You might try and repair the phone, but not easy to do with iPhones for example and the cost might be more than the bitcoins in it.

For now, maybe not in say ten years, but by then this phone has probably been turned into scrap metal long ago.

Just how many such coins have been lost, coins that once were worth pennies and are now worth quite a bit, is not clear but for example there are close to 3,000 bitcoins in addresses that contain up to 0.001 btc or about $10.

Even three years ago they were worth a penny or so, meaning plenty has probably been forgotten in old wallets that have lost their keys long ago.

Much however would be on exchanges and after some time presumably they’d just take the coins for themselves, but another 30,000 bitcoins are in addresses that have up to 0.01 btc, worth $100 now but just $1 in 2015.

So all in all, some 4 million bitcoin has not moved since 2015 as pictured above in the featured image, worth $37 billion.

That goes on to rise because obviously people don’t move their coins all the time, with 17.1 million BTC, for example, not moving since June. Meaning 1.4 million bitcoin have moved since last month, worth $13 billion.

The older the non movement, the more likely you’d think these coins are lost, with 2.5 million bitcoins not moving since 2012.

Yet just because they have not moved does not mean they have been lost as some 2009 bitcoin miners showed recently by signing 145 bitcoin addresses.

Making all this far from an exact science, but at least it gives us some anchor to estimate how bitcoin’s supply might be falling through people throwing away their old laptop thinking it worthless.

That’s especially relevant now that bitcoin’s new supply has fallen to just 2% a year and is relatively decreasing as it moves towards the new halving because total supply will increase while the block reward will remain the same 6.25 btc for the next four years.

Making bitcoin on the verge of starting to become deflationary as people hold it because its unit of account is not being devalued anywhere near like fiat, but now not even as much as gold.

For gold the data is no where near as complete either in regards to its total supply or how much new supply is added every year.

Yet it should be around perhaps 2%, maybe 1% at the conservative end, with gold having the quality of incentivizing more production of it as price rises to the point even meteor gold mining can in theory become profitable.

While for bitcoin that supply doesn’t change regardless of what price does or anything else, with its complex incentives mechanism incentivizing more a wider distribution through new mining entrants than any change in supply.

Thus at times you do actually get a sell side liquidity ‘crisis’ especially during about two months of peak ‘mania’ when no one wants to sell and plenty actually want to buy more.

So you get those typical bitcoin ‘bubbles’ when everyone thinks it’s nuts that bitcoin’s price is rising and that ‘everyone’ was the same as those that watched it reach dollar parity.

Can dogecoin do it though? Ha, no chance, not after even a million TikTok songs.


Centre Freezes Ethereum Address Holding $100K USDC

Centre Freezes Ethereum Address Holding $100K USDC

Centre, the company that issues the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) has blacklisted an Ethereum address holding $100,000 in USDC in response to a law enforcement request. In the first of its kind, the address had a “blacklist(address investor)” function called on June 16, 2020.

It’s not yet clear the reason behind the law enforcement request, but Centre Consortium — founded by Circle and Coinbase — did release a statement confirming the blacklisting:

“Centre can confirm it blacklisted an address in response to a request from law enforcement. While we cannot comment on the specifics of law enforcement requests, Centre complies with binding court orders that have appropriate jurisdiction over the organization.”

Although Circle spokesperson Josh Hawkins, said he could not provide any specifics about the blacklisting, it appears the address could be involved in other cryptocurrency theft.

In the comment section of a different address, a user claims the owner of the blacklisted address stole other tokens from them:

“Hello unknown thief, you are in contact with this eth address 0xEeC84548aAd50A465963bB501e39160c58366692 and you stole 10,000 Loopring Coin (750 euros) from my wallet. I am now giving you a chance to send the 10,000 Loopring Coin back to me. You already know my eth address. If you do not do this, I will report you anywhere with your 2 known addresses.”

Last week USDC broke $1 billion market cap, making it the second-largest stablecoin behind Tether (USDT), and Twitter users likening stablecoins to centralized fiat currencies, suggesting what can happen to USDC can happen to any other stablecoin.

What future awaits cryptocurrencies?

Another user stated that Dai (DAI) could fix this issue of centralized control, however they were also rebutted with the fact that DAI is backed by USDC and other centrally controlled digital currencies.

Normally funds held on the Ethereum blockchain are controlled by the address owner, however, in relation to USDC, an address can be blacklisted which restricts them from executing transactions (sending or receiving) through the USDC smart contract. Although technically reversible, Circle’s website warns that blacklisted addresses may be “wholly and permanently unrecoverable.”

This has raised concerns among the community surrounding censorship with a user lamenting on Reddit:

“Central government control and censorship is just going to get worse.”

Another user commented on Twitter saying the “C” in USDC “stands for censorable.”


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Press Release: Consulting24 Team Launches Top 3 Best Crypto Exchanges Comparison Domain – BuyBitcoin24

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